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New Year, New You!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

As 2014 comes to an end, I'm you sure you're taking the time to ponder, reflect and evaluate the good, the bad and the in-between of 2014 as you prepare your 2015 resolutions list.

Yes, we all want to lose the belly fat and a few extra pounds while we're at it. It's all so predictable. And, to tell you the truth I'm not sure why we wait a whole year to make these resolutions on January 1st, when by January 5th, it's all long forgotten. Wouldn't you agree? We all want to be a better parent, win the lottery, work less (or not at all) and spend more quality time with family, friends, and have some time left over for ourselves. But, let's face it, what is realistic at this point? Don't be delusional;).

So, this year, to my own surprise, my biggest resolution is to be less ambitious and delusional, when it comes to parenting. It may sound bad at first, but I think it may actually lead to better and greater things in the end.

Here is how I am planning to do it:

Resolution #1 - My husband and I continuously remind each other that we need to be more patient and understanding with our kids - scream less, don't lose our temper, find more creative ways to discipline our kids, etc. - and yet we always end up screaming at the top of our lungs at the smallest tantrum. So, what's more manageable going forward? Maybe, buying headphones is a good start;) or laughing with our kids at the frustrating things that drive us crazy?

Resolution #2 - Spend less on small things, and save more for bigger and more important things like big vacations. I'm hoping to sell more kids stuff (not used much) online while the kids are not around and save the money for bigger and longer lasting (in terms of development) toys. Also, for the points I get on the Mastercard, I order Indigo Kids gift cards, that way I save our pocket money.

Resolution #3 - Cut back on cartoons. How to do it? Buy less DVDs, participate more in kid friendly and educational activities instead, such as going to indoor playgrounds, libraries, building a snowman, and so on. This will help spending more quality time with your kids!

Resolution #4 - Feel better about your body. Whether that means eating healthier or exercising, be realistic about your goals. For me, I will try going to a yoga class once a week regularly; if I can attend two that would be great but I know that's a stretch since I'm still nursing. And I will try to eat no sweets after dinner, but still getting my fix during the day:).
Resolution #5 - Stick to weekly date nights with your spouse or partner. I've learned to accept that given our current family circumstances (3 kids under 4, including a nursing infant and long working hours) this is just unrealistic. So, I'll be happy if we can make it out for wings night once a month, and have a daily 15-minute uninterrupted conversation at home.

And let's not kid ourselves, 5 resolutions is more than enough for a Busy Mama!

And remember, the best resolution you can make for 2015 is to enjoy your family as much as you can, with its chaos, mess, and the love and joy that comes with it! Nothing is more beautiful than having a family!

Happy 2015 to all the Busy Mamas out there!!!

Disclaimer: This post was written by Stella V.

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