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Nail Corner

Friday, 3 October 2014

We, busy mamas are always doing something around the house, be it cleaning, cooking, laundry, or gardening. I think it's time we give our hands and nails a break and make ourselves ready to go out in style! I did my nails yesterday at home in an hour! If you don't have the time or money to have your nails done in salon, you will love this DIY trendy nail design in 5 easy steps! It's cool, simple, stylish and easy to do yourself with just one simple accessory from the dollar store!

What you will need:
  • 2 nail polish colours - choose 2 contrasting solid colours, preferably from the same family, including one shiny one (I chose dark grey and silver; also, I use Sally Hansen Insta Dry nail polishes from Shoppers, they dry really quickly)
  • base coat and top coat (optional)
  • self-adhesive reinforcing circles for ring binders - you can buy these from the dollar store

How to do it:

STEP 1: Prepare materials, and nails to apply nail polish. Apply base coat (optional).

STEP 2: Apply the dark colour first as you would normally, but start a bit farther away from the cuticles. Then, wait until it is completely dry.  

STEP 3: Stick a circle on each nail a little bit more than half way from the tip of the nail.


STEP 4: Now apply the second shiny coat on the beginning part of your nail close to the cuticles. Apply carefully not to go over the dark colour on the outer part of the nail. Wait until it is completely dry before you remove the circle.

STEP 5: Apply top coat and let it dry. (optional)

Notes: If for any reason some of the colour comes off when you remove the circle, you can easily, but carefully touch it up. You can also do this design with the moon facing the other way, then you would start with the lighter colour first and stick the circle on the inner part of your nail close to the cuticles. 

Voila! You are ready to party!!!

One Response to “ Nail Corner ”

  1. You're quite the manicurist Stella! Can't wait for you to try the services at Cloud9 Pampering and let us know about it. Thank you for sharing all your valuable experiences and insights with us, Moms!



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