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My First Big Kids Book of Animals

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

I absolutely love National Geographic books written especially for kids. I must admit that as a teacher (from my previous experience), 

I always look for toys or books that are educational. I never buy toys where my kids would simply press buttons without any real point to it (other than giving my boys an old remote control - and even that teaches my boys how to become men and switch channels all the time:). 

I bought this book before my oldest turned two, and even my toddler at about 15-16 months was loving this book (and his love for books consists of ripping them). It is not a board book, so you will need to supervise your child (if s/he is still under two). But, believe me you will love reading this book TOGETHER with your kids. It has big beautiful pictures kids love, simple and interesting facts and descriptions of the animals, and more.  

When reading this book with my boys, we would take turns (once they learn all the animal names) naming the animals on the pictures. Then, we would have add-on activities such as 'what sound does an elephant make', 'what are the lions doing on the picture', and so on. This book is so great on many developmental levels and is a great way to enjoy quality and educational time together with your kids. I was amazed that after a few months, my toddler knew all the animal names by heart, including Jerboa, Polar Bear, Meerkat. 

It's incredible and so impressive how quickly our kids learn; we just have to provide them the right set of tools and some real quality time! This is a great book for both, kids and adults too!

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