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Go Naked

Thursday, 2 October 2014

I bet you're thinking I'm going to write about something perverted or that the busy mama has definitely gone kuku. No, no, no!

I fell in love with the Naked eye-shadow palette by Urban Decay last year, after reading about it in one of the fashion magazines. I find the quality amazing and it has all the right colour combinations to make your eyes smokey, sexy and mysterious. You can choose among 3 palettes: Naked 1, Naked 2 or Naked 3. If you're new to 'Naked', I recommend starting with 1; it comes in a pretty velvety case too. It is a bit pricey ($64), but I'm sure you won't be disappointed, and you get all the colours you need that will last you a very long time.


I also recommend trying the lip glosses and lip liners by Urban Decay; they have great quality products.

This product is available at Sephora: Don't buy it on Amazon as some of them are counterfeit. 

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