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Best Kids Buys for this Winter!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

If you haven't started buying winter clothes, shoes and accessories for your child, you better get on it! I find that items sell out very quickly in the GTA. I remember last year when I went in December to buy waterproof winter mittens for my boys, they were sold out everywhere, and I ended up ordering them from the US through friends.

Here are some recommendations for you....

Winter Boots
I bought these for my boys in size 6 and 7. Sorel is probably the best brand on the market for winter boots at a reasonable price. These boots are waterproof, stay warm up to -32 degree Celsius, and are very comfortable for any foot type. My youngest son has a very high arch, and these boots still fit him great. These boots are currently on sale for $43.99 at Sears. Visit for more details. If you're willing to invest big bucks into shoes, check out; they have great quality Italian shoes for kids; they are located in Woodbridge. Another good source is Olly Shoes; visit; they are pricey but they hold seasonal sales; they have a few locations in the GTA.



Winter Hats - Balaclava hats
My friend got me into these hats 2 years ago. They are absolutely amazing!!! Unfortunately, you cannot find them in Canada, so I always order mine from the States. They are great because they cover your child's head and neck at the same time, and you don't need to bother with a scarf, especially if your child hates scarfs or those tie or velcro under the chin hats. You can choose thinner cotton outside and inside for the fall/early winter or wool outside with cotton lining for the winter. I buy both types for my boys. The fashionable and colourful 'Melton' hats are all Danish designs.  You can order them from; they cost USD $24-$30 and shipping to the GTA is about $14. I highly recommend to invest in these hats.


Winter gloves
I find that gloves for preschoolers are really hard to find, and I remember my son always hated wearing mittens because he couldn't feel his fingers. These 'Melton' brand gloves are great and match the balaclava hats above; however, the smallest size would probably fit a 4-year old or older. They are available in cotton or wool for the little hands to stay warm at all times. You can order these from; they cost USD$12; shipping to the GTA is about $14 - so best if you order hats and gloves together to save on shipping fees.

Winter Coats/Jackets
Real, or at least 80% down fill coats are the best to stay warm in the winter. I bought a winter jacket for my son at the Gap this year; it was really expensive, but I just didn't have time to shop around. My friend recommended these down fill stylish winter coats on ebay and they have a great variety to choose from for girls, and are much cheaper than the Gap. Visit for more details.


Neck Warmers
A friend of mine recommended these to keep the chest area warm - very important to keep in mind to prevent those winter colds!!! You can purchase these from Once Upon a Child; they are brand new.

Winter Sleighs
These are great for toddlers or preschoolers, especially if you have siblings who are close in age. All sleighs are available at ToysRus

Please feel free to send me recommendations of kids winter buys that you really like.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own.

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